Lawn Aeration, Seeding & Sodding

Christopher Smalkais Landscape Design offers a variety of services to revitalize or refurbish your Connecticut lawn. To accomplish this we offer core aeration & overseeding, power seeding, and sodding.

Aeration is simply punching holes into the turf to allow moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Aeration reduces soil compaction and makes a lawn less susceptible to weeds, insects, drought, and disease.

Aeration combined with overseeding is an outstanding way for an established lawn to relieve compaction and improve its density. We recommend aeration & overseeding once per season to all established lawns. We use top quality seed that is free of injurious weeds.

For immediate results, without the wait for grass seed germination, we offer turf sodding. Sodding is the process of applying strips of turfgrass to prepared soil, to create an "instant" mature lawn. Sodding can be done at anytime of the year to instantly transform the appearance of your home or business landscape. We use only golf course grade quality sod. Beware of contractors that use cheap sod full of injurious weeds.

We are committed to providing our customers with the most dependable, affordable and quality service for all your lawn care needs. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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