Privacy Screening Services

Privacy screens in landscaping can accent elements in the landscape design adding beauty and privacy at the same time. Christopher Smalkais Landscape Design recommends a dense row of trees or shrubs, which can be a highly effective privacy screen. The trees are planted a few feet inside your property line or existing fence so they stand on your land. We can install any type or size tree for your property, which will instantly block out the neighbors, increase your property value, and benefit the environment all in one step.

The most important step in establishing an attractive screening landscape is proper planting. More new trees die in landscaping from planting errors than any other cause. Christopher Smalkais Landscape Design has the experience and knowledge ensure your tree will have a long healthy life-span. All trees will be planted with the root flare just level with the surface of the soil, using two to three inches of organic mulch in a wide circle. For more information on landscape privacy screening services, contact us today for a free consultation.

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