Stone Landscape Masonry Services

Allow Christopher Smalkais Landscape Design enhance the beauty of your property with natural stone walls, patios and walkways. There are many different types of natural stone that you can choose from to fit specifically with the motif that currently exists in your home. Each type of stone can be installed within a wide range of styles; from natural and rustic to formal and modern. Natural stone provides an elegance that only can be found in nature, differing from manufactured stone not only in appearance but in durability. Patios and walkways created from natural stone provide years of enjoyment and a beautiful setting.

Whether you intend to entertain guests or simply have a pathway leading to the quietest part of your garden, natural stone is an excellent medium to help you create the home of your dreams.

Stone restorations

Besides constantly working on new projects we also deal with old stone works in need of repair. Rebuilding crumbling walls and chimneys can be challenging but it eliminates safety hazards that unstable stone structures pose. We will perfectly match up the rebuilt and existing sections of stone. Of course we can't make stone age overnight, instead we find matching stones and use original techniques.

Contact us about stone restoration any time - we will not back up from the job just because you are not building a castle.

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